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A very special, unique and sacred service - by Twin Flame Ministers Ahonu & Aingeal Rose

Welcome to Twin Flame Wedding Services!

Aingeal Rose and Ahonu are a Twin Flame couple and ordained ministers in the non- denominational Alliance of Divine Love Ministry.

We know how important your wedding day is - that sacred event which solidifies your love bond and celebrates the joining of your hearts together! This is why myself and Ahonu offer a unique and sacred service - we minister your wedding together as Twin Flame Ministers. We come together for the purpose of strengthening the perfect balance of the divine masculine and feminine energies of your union. This gives you added blessings, protection and guidance for your bond and your lives together.

We will join with you as you create your magical day - you can create your own vows or we will create them for you - as you wish. We will be there for your rehearsal and offer any other guidance you may need along the way. We honor any religious denomination and those who also have no religious affiliation.

Our fee for Ahonu and myself joining you in sacred love on your special day is: $333.00. This price does not include travel expenses if you live a distance farther than an hour from our location in Bend, OR.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is a Twin Flame couple?

A. Twin Flames are a couple who are the exact same spirit. They are identical in their Divine Blueprint - in essence - they literally ARE each other. When a spirit is created, there comes a point where it splits into two. When this happens each part begins its journey along the path of life. Each part will have it's own experiences as it journey's through dimensions and lifetimes.

There are times when the Twin Spirits will meet one another in various lifetimes, and then continue on having their 'separate' experiences. There comes a lifetime, however, when the Twins will meet one another for the purpose of 'rejoining' with one another and coming back into union as one spirit.

When this happens, their union brings back into balance the original Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, as they were originally created within us. This is a joyous event and also helps heal and balance these principles in others who come in contact with the Twin pair.

Q. Are Twin Flames the same as Soul Mates?

A. No, Twin Flames are the exact same being, whereas soul mates are unique individuals who meet and usually share many lives together. Soul mates can play many diverse roles in various lifetimes such as: lovers, marriage partners, parent/child, teacher/student, siblings, friends or enemies, to name a few.

Twin Flames may also play these roles to one another throughout various lifetimes. The difference is that Twins are each other and soul mates are unique individuals. When Twin Flames meet one another in a lifetime, it is usually for some higher spiritual purpose.

We have conducted Akashic Records sessions about Twin Flames & Soul Mates, and have written eBooks about these differences. You can find a YouTube video here: and download the eBook:

Q. What is the benefit of being married by a Twin Flame couple?

A. The benefits of being married by a Twin Flame couple are:

The energy of a Twin Flame couple automatically adds abundant grace, blessings and healing to the couple being married.

It strengthens the union of pure love and allows the new couple to manifest the highest form of love possible in their lives together.

It adds protection and guidance through difficult times and allows the couple to mature in their love by healing anything that is not pure love.

As long as the couple has this as the purpose for their joining, they will continue to grow and deepen in their joy and happiness.


Twin Flame Weddings with Ahonu & Aingeal Rose

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